Digital Game Expo2021 REPORT / デジゲー博2021出展レポート




VARVARION at Digital Game Expo 2021

On Nov. 14th, 2021, "Digital Game Expo2021" was held in Tokyo Akihabara.

For the first time, VARVARION managed to show a playable demo in a public event.







It is very fortunate that VARVARION was able to meet the original goal stated in the 1st trailer as ""Planned to be showcased at various Indie game events in 2021", even under the pandemic situation.

Sure, the game has been shown at BitSummit this September, but because it was a closed event, and me not being able to be there is person, I was not able to actually witness other people playing the game by my own eyes.

In that respect, this "Digi Game Expo" meant a lot to me, letting me see how the player's live reactions on the game.

Getting to see how players adapt, react, or get stuck in the game is the best kind of feedback you could get in order to improve your game.

Fortunately, there was always someone at the seat playing the game, right until the end of the event, and they seemed to be having fun, which is very encouraging.

Once again, thanks to all the players who visited the event, and to my friends that helped me prepare and clean up the booth.














There were some things I learned from this event, and would like to write them down.

-Rotation of players

The main tutorial mission for the demo was a bit too long(about 10min), and there being only one set of the demo, players had to make a line and wait.

This was a wasted opportunity, since I heard more than a few people were interested but discouraged by the line.

Getting more than one set of the demo, and tweaking the tutorial mission to be more brief while enjoyable might be a way to improve this matter.


Although I made the game significantly easier than my initial settings, there were players having trouble fighting the boss in the mission.

This seemed to have been due the lack of hints on how to beat the boss. Maybe this was not a difficulty problem, but a problem in the learning curve or "UX".

I would like to address this issue to make the experience more enjoyable for more players.


In this event, I used the XboxOne gamepad as the control device, just because that was what I use when I'm working on the game.

However, there seemed to be a significant amount of players not familiar with the Xbox button layout. Especially those who were accustomed to the Nintendo Button layout seemed confused, because they are both alphabet based.

Maybe I should have chosen the PS4 Gamepad for the demo booth, which would have avoided this kind of confusion.







As stated earlier, VARVARION managed to achieve the original goal of "Showcasing at indie game events in 2021."

There was a lot of progress made, such as new characters, stages, and game mechanics, resulting in a showable game demo.

Can't determine how 2022 will be, but I am willing to attend other game events, especially overseas, if that is plausible.

These game events are great because you can get feedback and coverage, but not only that, they serve as perfect milestones for development.



It seems that the more progress you make, you come to a better realization on how far your goal actually is. But that is indie game development.

I will just have to push on, one step at a time.

開場前のブースの様子/The booth just before the event starting