VARVARION is a 3D sword fighting action game currently in development, which puts you at the center of playable, anime-styled sword fights. Flipping and dodging to evade ferocious attacks, parrying at the last possible split second to reposte with a deadly blow, and doing it all with the style and flare of an anime battle; this is what VARVARION is setting out to achieve. 
Another goal is to support a wide assortment of combat situations, ranging from 1 on 1 duels to group melees.
VARVARION is being developed to balance tactical, Fighting game-like skill with the wide variety of combat scenarios found in Action games.



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FAQ / よくある質問

Q: Is this an Arena Fighter?
A: I'm not completely sure what the definition of an Arena fighter is, but I never thought of this game as an Arena fighter.

Q: Is this a competitive fighting game then?
A: No, it is rather a brawler with some PvP capabilities.

Q: Will it have local multiplayer?
A: Yes. Split screen Co-op and Versus modes for up to 4 players are planned to be implemented.

Q: Will the game have single player modes?
A: Yes. A PvE single player campaign is planned to be implemented in the final product.

Q: Will it have online multiplayer?
A: Hopefully sometime, but it is not top priority at this moment.

Q: Which game engine do you use?
A: Unity.

Q: What platform would it be on?
A: At the moment, Steam is most likely.

Q: When can I play it?
A: I'm a solo dev, so it's going to take time. The plan is to showcase it in various events in 2021.
After that, we shall see how it goes.
Q: 格闘ゲーム?
A: いや、どちらかというと対多人数のアクションゲームだ。ただし対人対戦のモードもある。

Q: ローカルマルチプレイはある?
A: ある。画面分割で最大4人までの協力プレイ、対戦プレイが予定されている。

Q: 一人用モードはある?
A: ある。最終的には一人用のPvEキャンペーンモードが実装される予定だ。

Q: オンラインマルチプレイはある?
A: いつかは実装したいが、現状ではより根幹の部分に開発を集中している。

Q: ゲームエンジンは?
A: Unityだ。

Q: どのプラットフォームで遊べる?
A: 現状ではまずはSteamを想定している。

Q: いつ遊べる?
A: 個人開発なので、時間がかかることをご了承願いたい。現状は、ひとまず2021年の各種イベント出展を目指している。

Q: なぜそんな口調?
A: せっかくインディーズなので、法人ではできないフランクなノリを試してみたかったんだ。

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Character Profiles / キャラクター紹介

(Please note: These are early ideas. Details may change during development)

MAXI / マキシ


A mysterious warrior roaming the southern frontier, Maxi refers to himself as a "mercenary". With outstanding swordsmanship and confident swagger, he bears a striking resemblance to the Crown Prince Maximillion, who is publicly known to be dead. 

SHIA KAHN / シア=カーン


A warrior from a distant land, known and feared as "The Thousand Slayer", Shia Kahn built her war clan solely by the strength of a single sword and unwavering valor. With clear intent to challenge the overlord Caesarion, she vigilantly awaits the right time to strike.

GHAF / ガフ


The one and only Ghaf "The Brave" is the champion of the fierce Ngiri berserker clan. Unlike his peers, Ghaf's unique, insightful mind leads him to question the meaning in the endless bloodshed of his world. Seen as a threat to the supremacy of his clan's elders, he is now hunted by his own people, with blood-thirsty berserkers relentlessly on his trail.

PHUR / ファー


Born the daughter of a legendary matriarch, Phur is a huntress of the proud Duma tribe. Determined to avenge the tragic death of her tribe's leader, but burdened with the responsibility of defending her people, she knows she may one day face an impossible choice.

AZEL / アゼル


A warrior from the pacifist Pundamilia tribe, Azel broke the taboo of his people, Killing.
Exiled and banished, on the verge of losing his sanity, he still seeks even more power, to destroy everything that could potentially harm his people.
And more shall join later!

The Hero

Introduce the main character, an important feature or a unique selling point of your game.

The Hero

Introduce the main character, an important feature or a unique selling point of your game.
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