BitSummit THE 8th BIT REPORT / ビットサミット出展レポート

VARVARION at BitSummit THE 8th BIT

It has been almost a year since I announced VARVARION last November.

FInaly, I was able to show the game in playable form at an physical event.

The name of this event is BitSummit THE 8th BIT. Held in Kyoto, it is the biggest Indie game event the whole of Japan.

I was greatly honored to win the "Media Partner's choice award" of Online Media "GameSpark". (Thankyou GameSpark!)



そのイベントの名は「BitSummit THE 8th BIT」。日本は京都で開催される日本最大のインディーゲームの祭典だ。


Being there remotely

However, not everything was as I originally intended. The original plan was for me to physically go to Kyoto and attend the event in person.

But with the Covid19 state of emergency called by the Kyoto prefecture just weeks prior the event, I had to make the call and change plans.

I chose to send the playable demo to the event, and stay home physically, while they set up a booth on site for people to play.

The primary reason for taking part of these events are to get direct feedback from the players, so this was a tough call to make.

"Developing a game is a Marathon, not a Sprint. There will be other opportunities later." So I told my self in front of the computer while watching the event's streams anxiously.

To sum it up, nothing beets actually being there at an event!

Next time, I would really hope that I can be at this event in person. 

And with that, I'm going back to work!

Just hoping people who dropped by and played the demo had fun.